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Although today it is hard to imagine

Is possible to generate enough energy to power the appliances in a conventional home for an entire day, including lighting and electrical outlets. hybrid bike  a life without electricity, the energy crisis forces thousands of people around the world to depend on coal or firewood to heat or light their homes. The mere idea that these people can access a basic resource such as electricity could improve their quality of life and boost the local economy of the region. Moved by this idea, Bhargava has invested a total of 4 billion dollars to develop a prototype to generate. Electricity easily and simply, and is convinced that he can optimize the manufacturing process of this device for. A total cost of 100 dollars per unit.

How Free electric works

Free electric is a hybrid bicycle designed from a horizontal elliptical connected to a storage battery . Its operation is quite simple. While the user pedals, a large disc located on the side is activated that activates the generator that converts all that kinetic energy into electricity. Although more Benin Phone Number List specific data about its technology has not been disclosed, the truth is that its design has been optimized to generate up to 24 hours of electricity with just one hour of pedaling. generated is transferred to the storage battery that will then autonomously supply all the facilities in the house.

No expensive installations or utility bills

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Unlike other types of electricity generators, the Free electric hybrid bicycle does not require. Fuel or other energy sources for its operation, only the physical strength of the user. Therefore, it is an interesting device with which each person can generate their own 100% clean energy. Autonomously BI Lists and totally sustainable . And most importantly, without loss or waste of energy. In addition, it can be easily transported to any corner of the planet. However remote it may be. In fact, the first 50 units to be manufactured will go to 20 villages in Uttarakhand.

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