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Until now, the scientific community lieved that the wise men of Babylon only used arithmetic operations (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to carry out this type of study. However, the work shows that astronomers at that time were already us abstract mathematical ideas, more complex than those used by the Greek civilization centuries later, to determine the position of a planet like Jupiter. In other words, accord to Ossendrijver’s conclusions, Babylonian astronomers were 1,400 years ahead of Europeans in learn how geometry can help in astronomy.

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hat came from the hand of a patient and constant investigation on some tablets filed for decades in London.  is reminiscent of a kind of “cookie”, the truth is that this is the first evidence of the use of geometric figures such as these to track the location of Jupiter. Someth Hong Kong Phone Numr List that, on the other hand, shows how important it is not only to promote research to move towards the future, but also to rememr our own history to “stand on the shoulders of giants”, as rnardo de Chartres said ..What do the strategies in Social Media have in store for us this 2016? Nazareth Victoria Perez Diaz Nazareth Victoria Perez Diaz This will the year that brands finally go social.

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