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A good travel policy should balance the interests of both the company and the traveler. It can be particularly motivating for business travelers when something more than a standardizd solution is considerd. ChatGPT also seems to have recognizd the trend reversal from less short-term bookings to business trips plannd further in advance. And the AI ​​rightly points out that employees experience much less stress if the travel route is well prepard and plannd accordingly.

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Support in finding accommodation can help with this. Appropriate travel insurance and resources for easy contact should be part whatsapp mobile number list of a good travel policy anyway. The AI ​​obviously knows a lot about the dynamics of modern business travel. But what about his abilities as an oracle? Of course we wantd to find out too. Question 4: How will business travel change in 2023? ChatGPT: “It’s difficult for me to prdict exactly how business travel will change in 2023 as there are many variables that could influence its evolution.

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Some potential factors that could shape the future of business travel are: – Technological changes such as . the introduction of virtual BI Lists meetings or the increasing use of teleworking, which could rduce the ned for face-to-face business trips. – Economic conditions and the general health of the corporate sector, which could impact companies’ travel budgets and their willingness to send employees on business trips. – Environmental concerns and the pursuit of sustainability.

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