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What characterizes each of them. Hot leads Undoubtly, everyone dreams of having as many hot leads as possible. People – or companies – strongly interest in a product or service. Your task is therefore to provide service at the highest level. Obtaining this type of leads really translates into the company’s profit. For example. A hot lead in B B might be a newly open nail salon that nes software that allows you to book appointments online. And you sell such software. A warm lead Here we are dealing with potential customers who. Although they are interest in our products and services, do not want to finalize the transaction at the moment.

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The task of the marketing department is to maintain this contact and good relations, so that over time such a warm lead will become a hot lead determin to buy. Cold lead The last type are cold leads. These include, for example, all those who have subscrib to the newsletter (so they are potentially interest users), but phone number list do not read the content they receive. Here you ne a good strategy and well-thought-out actions to turn a cold lead into a hot one., of course it must be taken up. Interestingly, the fact that someone is not interest in your offer at the moment does not mean that they will not buy anything in the future.

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How is lead generation done? We don’t have to explain how many benefits active lead generation brings, but in a few words we want to explain how best to go about it. First of all, start by defining your lead profile. Think about who you really want to reach with your offer, and then develop an action strategy. And so, the main methods of generating leads are content marketing – valuable content on your own website, in product cards, on the company blog, but BI lists also properly distribut sponsor articles, infographics and video materials.

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