A study reveals five extinct species of birds

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The five species that Darwin failed to discover in the Azores or Madeira Angela Bernardo Angela Bernardo  that Darwin did not meet in the Azores and Madeira. These living beings could have disappeared with the arrival of the Vikings. Volcanic islands offshore . This is how we could describe the Macaronesian region, which includes within the European Union the Canary Islands, the Azores Poland Phone Number List and Madeira islands, the latter two belonging to Portugal. In addition to its geological origin, which determines its varied landscape with calderas, steep cliffs and mountains, the three regions enjoy a very mild climate, which favors an extraordinary wealth of habitats and species.

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European Commission, the Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira represent only 0.2% of the EU territory. But the Macaronesian region is home to a quarter of the BI Lists plant species at the community level, a fact that gives an idea of ​​the varied biodiversity found on these islands. A biodiversity that is also complemented by a great wealth in terms of marine animals and birds. These archipelagos have now been the object of study by Spanish, German and Portuguese scientists, who have published their in-depth paleontological exploration in the journal Zootaxa.

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