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Our event is address to marketers, owners of e-commerce stores, companies creating tools and solutions for e-business, as well as all people who want to gain or expand knowlge on effective sales on the Internet. We do it because we believe that raising competences is beneficial for all participants – adds Marcin Stańdo, Client Development Director at Sempai. The event is cover by DIMAQ accritation, which means that DIMAQ certificate holders can receive recertification points for their participation. DIMAQ is an international standard for digital marketing qualifications available in Poland and other European countries. More information HERE . inCommerce No.

The Organization’s Values And Audiencecheck

Starts promptly at At our morning meeting, in addition to a portion of current knowlge about online sales, we will also serve delicious breakfast and aromatic coffee to all participants. The event is held under the patronage of IAB Polska, Chamber  of Electronic Economy, Efficient Marketing, Marketer+, E-commerce in Practice. In whatsapp mobile number list Commerce Partners No. are takaoto pro, marczak.me, SZYmonslowik pl, Olza Logistic, onelectro pl and the HELION publishing house. How to increase sales in the online store? Tips not only for Black Friday Piotr Zubrzycki November , You will read in ~ min. Undoubtly, the main goal of e-commerce is to increase sales.

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The Most Of Social Media

Only in a few exceptions does it come to a point where the strategy becomes to maintain the already achiev level. Getting to this point, however, would not be possible without first striving to maximize revenues. From the article you will learn what to do to significantly increase the chances of a sale. is no way to break through. Let’s start with the fact that increasing sales must be associat with acquiring new customers. Here we go to several different BI lists aspects to achieve this condition. At the very beginning, it is worth taking care of the website itself, and more specifically about its appearance, content and spe.

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