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From the Russian capital there are more than 10,000 kilometers of Siberian. Taiga to the Bering Strait, the main obstacle to be saved . There are 82 kilometers of water, with two islands halfway, until touching the Land of Alaska. From that icy terrain most of the year it descends to Canada and from there in progression to New York. In total it would be more than 20,000 kilometers , although for now it is not possible to speak with precise figures because the information that exists is scarce and there is nothing defined that resembles a work plan.

The first thing that would

Have to be done is to find financing , something that the promoters of the proposal are working on. looking at public institutions and private sources. Moscow-New York Highway An estimate of the route of the highway, according to -New York highway would be in the transport of goods, but also  Belarus Phone Number List in the creation of settlements and economic activity in certain areas of Siberia. Although the costs of the project would be so high that it is normal for it to be difficult. To find entities willing to put up money for it to be carried out.

technical difficulties Even if funding

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Is found, the Moscow-New York highway would have to bridge hundreds of kilometers between Russia and Alaska. It is the most complex part of the route. The latitude is so northerly that the waters are frigid and many months of the year are navigated by vast icebergs. In winter the BI Lists shores extend towards the sea like a blanket. Of ice and in warm weather they thaw, a process that occurs every year and which. Would mean major wear and tear on any construction . So it’s not just the distance that’s the challenge in the Bering Strait, it’s also the weather.

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