A curious case of this type of gadget

Programs have been created that even allow you to select what kind of files to copy. The maximum weight allowed to copy them, or the destination folder from which to extract them. PenDrive_Thief Given this, in addition to a scan of the device in search of abnormal functions. We can only protect ourselves by means of a password , necessary to carry out any movement with the PenDrive. Although it may not be very difficult to get around using a keylogger… Devices that look like flash drives There are also other devices that look like a PenDrive, but they are much more than that.

And of course, they can infect

Our devices in the same way.  is the Rubber Ducky , a device that at first glance looks like a usual PenDrive , but actually contains a programmed keyboard that starts writing automatically as soon as it is connected, being able to run programs, whether from the computer itself Costa Rica Phone Number List or from the Micro SD memory that it has integrated. This PenDrive – keyboard is very dangerous, since by typing the appropriate commands, in a matter of seconds, you can access all kinds of information, and even automatically upload it to the network.

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A real contagion, PenDrives are capable of copying executable files from their memory to the computer. So that it duplicates them, through encrypted processes. To the next PenDrive that we connect to the computer. In this way, a single damagedIn fact. It is recommended to have BI Lists a personal and non-transferable PenDrive , which is only used by us, to manage our files. computer can infect a multitude of USB sticks, and each infected USB stick would infect. All the computers to which it was connected in the same way. That’s how easy a virus can be transmitted through external memories. Hence, it is not highly recommended to share our PenDrive with any stranger.

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