What is an Instagram reel and why are they important for your strategy?

Before you jump to the conclusion that Reels What is an is a mere imitation of TikTok made just for kids, please. Therefore, read this post until the end. Instagram Stories have practically become its trademark and we can expect. Therefore, the same from Reels. Although the user interface seems identical and the public expects content similar to that of TikTok, the similarities do not go beyond here. The potential of Reels goes far beyond what may seem at first glance.

What is a Reel on What is an Instagram?

Reels are part of the Instagram family, along with Feed , IGTV and Stories. And in this post we are going to executive email list show 5 ways in. Therefore, which your audience, Instagram itself and you can benefit from it. 1. Fits perfectly Social media. Therefore, applications have been oriented towards certain lines of communication over the years. Twitter is more suitable for political debate and the most talked about issues of the moment; LinkedIn is for professional profiles; and Pinterest more to inspire “do it yourself”.

Attention! Reels is not synonymous with TikTok

Also the case with Facebook), perfect for smartphones. So when TikTok emerged BI Lists with. Therefore, sub-15-second videos, Instagram was impacted the most. Instagram users generally like to have fun making videos and sharing them. Therefore, anywhere. For content creators who use Instagram, Reels fits perfectly into their strategy as it is a new option to express themselves and converse with the public.

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