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USS during World War II . There is a small church in the nearby Pier 45 to commemorate San Francisco and Northern California “ lost fishermen ”. There is a sea lion habitat next to Pier 39. They settled in “ a few months before the 1989 Loma Preta earthquake. Sea lions inhabit the wooden pier originally used to moor ships.

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The Fisherman’s Wharf hosted many San Francisco events, including some of the best latest database  landscapes for the National Day fireworks performance and the Fleet Week flight performance with the blue angel as the protagonist. Pier 45 is a national historical landmark, which is preserved as a commemorative ship and a museum ship as part of the San Francisco Maritime National Park Association at the dock.

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In popular culture, in 1985, the dock was used as the shooting location of the James Bond movie 《 Eye of Murder 》, and Bond ( was last played by Roger Moore ) in the search for elimination of the film. The villain Max Zolin (Christopher Walkenz )[<TAG1><TAG1>.6] Please also refer to the San Francisco  BI Lists   Bay Area Portal, Hyde Street Pier, the old car ferry site abandoned by the Golden Gate Bridge and Gulf Bridge 49 miles of scenic avenue, fishermen’s terminals elsewhere,

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