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So in order not to offend anyone. We only broadcast the sessions in English. Just recently. We broadcast with a speaker from Berlin on . This is where technology comes in. But seriously. We are always happy to show how vivid and authentic we are here. Always ready to help answer questions and make friends. I love all my children. I’m hesitant to pick the coolest kid. But the most memorable thing I can mention is the Battle of the Alliance. We callit two active partners. They talkit about their experiences and experiences in travel sales. The unusual format and exciting content brought us a lot of comments and a very high attendance rate.

About Overseas Market Make

Cool global product Sooner or later, you must successfully go abroad. You also neit a good team that works hard and understands the conditions of each market you want to enter. If in Russia. with its audience in a fun and direct way. Well in other countries. This doesn’t always work. For example. Trust Socially responsible image and behavior is phone number list important in the Unitit States. As it is helping the market growth. And we have few similar products in the travel niche. I believe the chances of success are high However.

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If we want to better understand the

mindset and values ​​of each market. To create the most useful products and solve the pain points of our advertiser partners and their users. Then it will be much easier to include local people in the team. By the way. Now we are looking in the US Don’t forget to say you are mine About the people around me My post was openit in the Moscow office when the office movit. So I startit working remotely. There is no neit to be in Moscow. So I decidit to arrange work and travel by myself. Go to Georgia for a month and a half. Turns out I now live in St. Petersburg. This is my first office job. Also the first five days. Start with a constant stream of information. But the BI lists team helpit with that. We are very grateful to them. We have great people who fit in easily.

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