Automation of Work on Pricing Strategy

Working on pricing policy and its development is a long-term and very time-consuming process. In fact, to do it well, you could devote one full-time job to collecting data, analyzing and preparing reports.

Fortunately, there are tools that allow you to automate the price optimization process, which translates into saving time and money. The Live Price application can replace a human in the process of tracking and setting prices, as well as in competitor research.

This solution automatically changes prices so that the offer of your online store is always the most advantageous in the price comparison website. This will certainly make many more customers familiarize themselves with your offer and make a purchase.

Working on Pricing Policy and Its Development

Thanks to the partnership with Live Price, a dedicated offer has been Ws Database prepared especially for iCEA Group customers. From now on, each of our customers will be able to take advantage of 30 free days of price monitoring on Ceneo and Allegro, but that’s not all! Additionally, our customers can benefit from a 30% discount on the subscription for the first three months and free access to the automatic price change module on Allegro.

Price is extremely important in business and it is not only about the company’s profitability, but also about its impact on the image and positioning of the brand. Both too high and too low prices may have a negative impact on the customer’s perception of the store.

Price is Extremely Important in Business

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The pricing policy is different in the case of seasonal goods, as well as BI Lists when we take into account the target group of the product or services.

When creating a pricing strategy, it is worth remembering about our regular customers, where we can build their loyalty through price. Also, When We Deal With. New Customers, a Policy That Includes a Discount, for First Purchases, is a Very Good. Incentive to Convince. Those Who Are Still Undecided.

If in our business we analyze data about where customers come from, it may be worth considering a solution based on dynamic price adjustment.

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