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Last year marked a before and after with

In 2015, we already saw a massive change of text in the media, but the competition for visibility has never been stronger. And in this context, companies are building their content strategies to optimize it and use it as a tool to attract and retain their customers. In short, social content is becoming more visible. Finally, the advice is not to directly use social networks to communicate the content. It is preferable to engage in a conversation with the user that allows us to adapt to their needs, desires, and concerns, We buy what we see. During the last few years, we have seen that social networks play a crucial role in the field of e-commerce.

There are more and more

social networks in which we can buy without leaving the page. In 2014, total sales in the United States reached $3.3 billion, according to data from the 2015 Social Media 500 report.”. These numbers have led to the creation of commerce-oriented social tools for both sellers  India Phone Number List and advertisers. For example; the idea that users can receive personalized offers, images that impact them or the possibility of launching an action-oriented ad format, and that they do not have to navigate to other sites for the purchase to be made easily. In 2016, it is expected that new formulas will be born in this direction that can be integrated into social networks and content.

Live.  the video. The arrival

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of Facebook live, Periscope and Blab has allowed brands to connect with their audience in a much more personal and direct way. For 2016, the inclusion of 360º cameras will allow users to move in the full range of this angle with their mobile phones and generate a unique experience BI Lists so far. Another of the techniques that will allow us to have an immersive experience will be virtual reality. All this at an affordable cost, as long as we use the right tools. Social media allow communication between brands and users to go one step further, showing the most authentic side of the business.

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