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However, the obtained cells are not capable of producing as much insulin as the ta cells normally found in the pancreas. Which could limit their clinical application. As they also point out in LiveScience , there is another add risk. That the reprogramming of these cells has not en carried out correctly. This can lead to excessive proliferation, which in turn can lead to cancer . Therefore, even if the results are positive, research must continue to analyze the potential. Safety, and non-toxicity of this strategy in both animal mols and humans.

The geothermal potential

Of the Irian Peninsula is five times the current electrical capacity Miguel A. Perez Miguel A. Perez A study conclus that Andalusia. Castilla y León, Catalonia and Galicia are the communities with the greatest potential for the production of electricity. From the exploitation of Stimulated Geothermal Systems. All the heat radiated from the Earth’s core to the outer layers, add to that from Dominican Republic Phone Numr List the sun, accumulates naturally a few hundred meters unrground.  an inexhaustible source of energy at a very low cost, which with the exploitation of geothermal. Energy in Spain would mean ing able to generate an amount of electricity equivalent to five times. The electrical capacity current installed At least that is what emerges from the study by a group of engineers from. The University of Valladolid that has recently en published in the specialized magazine Reneable Energy.

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Subsoil of the Irian Peninsula has the capacity to generate up to 700 GW of electricity if this natural resource. Is exploited with Stimulated Geothermal Systems or EGS. For its acronym in English. geothermal energy in Spain As its name suggests. Geothermal energy takes advantage BI Lists of the heat stored in the subsoil to generate heat , cold or electricity . In the case of reservoirs with temperatures low 100ºC, this heat can used directly for thermal use. While with temperatures low 25ºC, geothermal heat pump technology is required for both heating and cooling use.

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