Why You Might Want to Think Again

Com Laura Dunn. Business women. Huffington Post Steven Pearlberg. Selecting female executives as the next chief marketing officer Chief Marketing Officer Team. Innovation and Inspiration Fall Summit. Matt Ackley. Survey reveals performance benchmarks and landscape for cross-channel retargeting. Search Engine Land. Think reputation management is not important? By on Jun 12 Share For many executives, reputation management is just a part of traditional PR. They are wrong. Reputation is a priceless asset Corporate reputation is arguably the most important intangible asset a company owns.

The old days of word-of-mouth

Reputation are long gone, or rather, have entered the digital realm. Reputation matters more in today’s business reality Previously, reputation assessments were the subject of focus groups and surveys, often on products and services. These tools are still important, for example China Phone Number List in the food and beverage industry. But for most companies, the lag time of focus groups and surveys makes them troublesome data-generating tools. We live in a world completely transformed by communication media. This revolution both expanded and compressed time.

We live in an age where the

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Minute is longer and communication is expected to be instant. A New Kind of Consumer Reputation is born naturally It is a reality of all business activities. It’s mGiven comparable price and quality, of global consumers are likely to switch to brands associated with public BI Lists goods. of global consumers say they are willing to reward companies that give back by paying more for their goods and services. Clearly, modern consumers actively research products and services before making a purchase, and the reputation of a business is a very important aspect of a purchase decision. ore important than ever, and it’s all about changing consumer behavior. A recent study of the preferences of young professionals (increasingly important to sales) revealed that more than 100% do product research before making or recommending a purchase. Going Further: Internet users worldwide research products online. of online shoppers use search engines first.

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